Do You Know how to do Product Marketing on your Own Or Affiliate Products?

Product Marketing

Product marketing is the process of promoting and selling a product to an audience.

This question has been asked and answered many times by different people to whether or not you need to have your own product to become a successful marketer or company.

Why is this question asked so many times?

The reason it is asked so often is because people and companies do product marketing differently so there are many different answers. In our opinion there isn’t a right or wrong way as long as what you are doing sells product.

Is that where you should stop?

No! You should always be testing to find out if you can sell more even if it is changing the wording, or the target audience and all the rest of the little tweaks that make the difference.

There are those who say “you must have your own product to succeed” and then there are those who say “you don’t need your own product when you start or ever to be successful”. So, who is right, Yes or No?

Let us tell you both answers are right and always will be. Having your own product if you can is great but it isn’t absolutely necessary at all. Yes, if you do have your own products you certainly will make more money as you are not taking just a percentage.

Those who do affiliate marketing can build a website around that product and add their affiliate links to it. But as we said earlier you are only making a percentage of that sale that can be anything from 4% to 75% or even 80% on the very high end typically. If you are very lucky 100% when the product owner is only interested in making sales or building a list. Of course once he gets these sales he can use this list to sell other products too.

So you don’t have to have your own products but can still create a great website as an affiliate marketer and as you know producers of products love affiliate marketers and as you know these product owners are not hard to find regardless of what niche you are in.

The other thing to remember is that you do not need any marketing support as this is all done by the product owner that you are being an affiliate for.

Whatever way you do your marketing, whether it is with your own product or just do affiliate marketing you must have this in common and that is you must be passionate about the products you sell.

You can sell products that you are not passionate about  but you will never be successful in this type of marketing if you are not interested in the product yourself. It does take drive and ambition to succeed at any type of selling.

Of course you know you can build your own list as well?

Well if you don’t know that will be a story for another day.

Whether you are marketing your own or affiliate products your success is directly related to how effective your marketing techniques are. You can still make money if you’re not, but staying focused and managing your time the best way is the secret to your success with product marketing.