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The Web offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs and marketing on Facebook is no exception.

There can be several reasons why you might want to build up a real business online. If you are just getting started with a small business online and are not quite ready to quit your day job yet, then Facebook marketing can be an important part of your arsenal.This can range from marketing just online (digital products) or you have physical products that you sell to retailers or other small businesses offline.

There are several ways to do this as shown below:

    1. Facebook only or Coupons deals are great for people who use Facebook as they love these types of deals, discounts, freebies, and coupons.  Using coupons and other discounts can be a great way to test the waters as then you will understand what works and can structure the coupons or deals to be more targeted.


    1. Try Facebook Ads as these can be highly targeted to gain the correct type of audience to test a campaign before you fully implement it. It saves you time and money to make sure you remain within your budget. Make sure you set up your campaigns correctly so you don’t go over your maximum daily, weekly or monthly budgets as they can soon run out of hand.


    1. You can also try sponsored posts. All you do is offer sponsored posts that will appear on you fans feeds. Your results can be random but most people are getting positive results from these types of posts. Facebook is always changing the way they do these sponsored adds so make sure you read whats current and remember you can also ask their support team for help.


    1. Some people absolutely love contests and some have proven very successful on Facebook.


Marketing online may seem easy and you are probably always being told this from the so called Internet gurus but it’s really not. We can tell you that even if you are experienced as a marketer in the real world, you will see that Internet marketing is different and has its own challenges. You will find that you might need to learn new skills and strategies to succeed.

Marketing on Facebook

Marketing on Facebook

If you are new to online marketing, then you might want to know about Facebook marketing.

What you must remember is that Facebook is a social networking website and if you want to use it for business you need to market to your prospective fans differently.

Facebook is still one of the most popular sites in the world and in fact there are over 1.19 billion users and it is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

With this kind of traffic, you know that Facebook is definitely a place to market that you should consider being in.

The next question that you are probably thinking is how Facebook marketing is any different from other types of Internet marketing?

Facebook has it own set of rules and accepted practices.

Although you’ve identified a terrific traffic source, it has to be treated correctly.  Again, it’s a social networking site and direct selling is not an effective way of targeting Facebook.

Keep in mind that Facebook Ads are a pay per click advertising approach, which means that you’ll pay for each click a visitor makes to your ad, regardless of whether they purchase anything, or even stick around long enough to see you ad.  Remember to to keep to your budget and use Facebook’s tools to set the maximum spends.

Advertising on Facebook is not as simple as making an ad and selling stuff  – you have to craft your campaign so your ideal customer or client will be attracted to your ad, click on it, and then respond to your call to action!

If you have questions, then leave your comments and press the like or Google+ button at the top of the page. We will have another article on marketing on Facebook to tell you what is currently working at a later date.

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