Internet Marketing Mistakes


Internet marketing MistakesNot having a target market is one of the major internet marketing mistakes that many business owners make when first starting out on the internet

When setting up your marketing campaign it is extremely important that you know your target audience are.

You need to carry out research to see what problems people have and if there are any solutions. If there are solutions see how you can make your product or service better than what is out there.

You should also see what people are searching for, buying and trends (the search terms can also be saved for your keywords).

After setting your site up make sure it is related to your target audience and that you are giving good, sound advice and not just driving traffic to your site.

Internet marketing mistakes are also made when writing posts.

You must write for your audience and not for the search engine.

Although if you read what the search engines require nowadays you will find that the content must be related to whatever your visitor was looking for and when they leave your site they will feel they have not wasted there time.

Driving people to your site must be about offering good content, with a mixture of offers and a solution to their problems.

You need to connect with people by talking their language when giving advice so they know what you are offering and certainly do not confuse them by adding unrelated content.

Another mistake is to have different solutions or content on the same page especially if it is one of the inner pages of your site (not on the first page).

You should have one focus keyword and solution on that page but you can have a link going to another related page on your site or elsewhere.


Internet Marketing Mistakes: Buying Traffic


Mistakes are also made when paying for traffic as a load of money is spent on the wrong type of traffic by paying for generic words and not buying keywords.

The difference being that someone might type in a search term “Marketing Products” with a high search volume, the cost of this could be very expensive and it doesn’t mean you have what the person is looking for.

A buying keyword is usually a lot longer in length and have a smaller search volume for that particular keyword.

So it might be something like “The Best Marketing Product for Setting up a Website”.

Can you see that they have niched down their search and are virtually telling you they want to buy a product related to the search term?

Even better still their search term might be “Where can I Buy the Best Marketing Product for Setting up a Website” and that is one of the best related search terms you can have and is a sure winner as long as your product lives up to their expectations.

The opposite can also apply when a site owner thinks they can just rely on organic traffic “Free Traffic” and think, if they build it people will come.


You must have a combination of both so that you get visitors to your site. There are a lot more ways but we won’t go any further with this in this article.

Other Internet marketing mistakes that a lot of site owners do and get penalised for is by buying back links, scraping or copying other people’s articles to stick on their site.

You can use articles from other sites as long as you give a link back to that site but it is far better and advisable to write your own or pay for someone to write them for you as long as it is original content.

Make sure you stay in the guide lines of the search engines and are not breaking any rules such as Google as this will certainly help for ranking not just your home page but your internal pages as well.

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How To Use Facebook For Marketing


How To Use Facebook For Marketing

The Internet allows great opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and learning how to use Facebook for marketing is also something you should develop.

If you would like to have a real business online even if you are just starting out Facebook marketing as well as the use of other social media sites are a must.

Regardless of what type of marketing you are doing whether it’s for offline use for small businesses and retail shops or for selling online products or services, Facebook marketing must be one of your marketing weapons of choice.

There are several ways that you can approach how to use Facebook for marketing and we will list some below:

  • A free way is to use Facebook marketing is to join groups that are in your niche and to make comments on posts.

When questions are asked be one of the first to answer them so you soon build up the reputation of being the go to expert in that field.

Doing it this way you are not trying to spam the groups with links or asking them to go elsewhere.

People will soon want to follow you as you can be useful to them but at the same time you can then start posting links in your own time line to recommended products or services and even send them to your website.

  • Using Facebook Ads can be highly targeted for your products or services.

You can test the waters before you set up a campaign and see if it is successful before you fully implement it.

By testing and tweaking you can make sure you remain within your budget and getting the best return on your buck.

Just make sure you set up a maximum daily, weekly or monthly amount so that you don’t exceed you planned amount of spend.

  • Facebook Page Post Engagement gets more people to see and engage with your page posts. The objective is to boost your posts.
  • You can offer sponsored posts that will appear on your fans feeds that you can even target the friends of friends.
  • You can also carry out Facebook only deals to give Facebook users coupons deals and freebies

These are just some of the things on how to use Facebook for marketing.

Marketing online may seem easy and you are probably always being told this from the so called Internet gurus but it’s really not.

Even if you are experienced as a marketer in the real world, you will see that Internet marketing has its own challenges and that you will need new skills and new strategies.

Marketing on Facebook is just another stream of access to potential customers.

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marketing your product

Market Your Products


So you are looking for a place you can learn how to market your products successfully? Well look no further you have found the right place.

If you want to succeed on the Internet, marketing your products has to be top of the list. Without the right promotion you will be doomed even before you start. Did you know that only 1% of entrepreneurs will ever make any money online?

Which one are you?

How to Market Your Products Successfully

You have read that selling products online can be very profitable and you too want to make some money as well. The trouble is it is not as easy as you have been led to believe through all these launches, promises and the latest shinning utter amazing products that are going to make you a millionaire, all for the measly sum of 47$ or even 97$.

What a load of crap and pug wash!! The only people getting rich are the owners and affiliates selling that product.

Marketing know how and great products are all you need to succeed online to begin with, but do you know what good selling and the right goods are?

market your products.

Let’s break this down to the two sections.


This can cover things like setting up your website or blog correctly with the right plug-ins (this is really important).

To make sure your site gets index quickly and new posts get pinged once and once only.

How to make Google happy with your keywords. (Get this right and you will be rewarded)

The number one most important part of any post.

Where and how to sell your products.

Who to target.

Where to advertise.

Okay we think you get the idea now about marketing as the list just goes on and on.


Lets cover products now.

What you should know about the items you want to sell

Do you know what products to sell? This seems a simple question but do you know the answer (a lot of people don’t)?

Why you should always match your goods to your website.

How to find items that people want and need.

What you should always do if you are going to be an affiliate for these items.

Why you should always put your customers first before any items you sell.

This is just a small insight into what you should be doing to market your products.

Do you still think Internet marketing is easy and simple? You now know why so many people fail to make any money at all, so please make sure you are in the 1%.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing        


It is marketing other people’s products and earning a commission in return for your effort.

You do this through email campaigns to your list using an auto-responder, by writing articles and using banners on your own website or blog. This is where you will promote the product and when someone who is interested in the promotion clicks on your affiliate link that then goes to the product or service and if they purchase you will get a commission.

The tracking is done by software that the product owner implements in their program but you can always use your own tracking as well which isn’t a bad thing.

He’s An Example

You should do a campaign for a product that you are interested in or better still something that your list would be interested in. Your first step is to go to their product website and register as an affiliate and once the process is complete you will gain access to a page that will have all their resources they are offering as well as your affiliate marketing link.

On this page you should have items like emails, twitter posts, Facebook posts and banners. You can grab one of these banners that has your link or if not you can put a hyperlink in so when someone clicks on the banner they will be sent to the product page with your ID included so if they purchase you will get your commission.


An example of an affiliate marketing banner


Affiliate Marketing


Also text links like this which you can use to market the product by pasting them in your website or emails.

When a person clicks on your banner they will then go to the product website. If they then purchase the product, it will be registered on owners system with your affiliate id and you will get the commission for that sale.

Sharing revenue, or paying a commission to affiliates on customers that are referred to a company, has been around for a very long time. In the case of the World Wide Web, this type of marketing is a more recent occurrence.  It is widely accepted that one of the earliest online businesses to embrace commission based marketing as usual was the adult entertainment industry.

The benefits of starting in this type of marketing are that it isn’t difficult to get started. Promoting all ready made products or services eliminates the need for you to create your own product or to deal with customers, which is probably the reason so many entrepreneurs want to be affiliate marketers, by creating their online incomes in this way.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a product owner or company rewards the person for each visitor or customer they send to their site. This type of marketing overlaps with other Internet marketing methods to a certain degree, because affiliates often use normal advertising methods.

These methods include organic and paid search engine optimization, website marketing, e-mail marketing, and display advertising. On the other hand, sometimes underhand techniques are used, such as publishing reviews of products or services offered by a partner and just saying they are brilliant, great and would recommend to buy it.

The more websites a product owner is associated with, the more exposure his products get, by allowing ads for his products to appear on someone else’s website.

While this type of marketing has its benefits, there are also a few draw backs. For instance, the merchant has to share the profits with an outside party. If an affiliate uses unsavory means to bring customers to his website and sell the merchant’s products, he will have to contend with doing damage control for his reputation if he gets a lot of unhappy customers.

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