How Do I get Traffic to My Site?

How Do I get Traffic to My Site
How many times have you said to yourself “How Do I get Traffic to My Site?”

Don’t worry we have all been there but the good news is that there are several ways to get the elusive traffic back to your site that you are missing.

There are paid options and options that are free if you do not class your time as being paid.


You can pay for your traffic by using ads and banners as shown below:

Google AdWords

YouTube Ads

Facebook Ads

Using Banners


Solo Ads

Or get it for free and in this article that is what we are going to concentrate on “free traffic”


So How Do I Get Traffic To My Site?


One of the first things you need to do, is make sure your site is key-word for the visitor and not for the search engines as Google rewards good content.

If you have put a headline title of a page like we have on this page “How Do I get Traffic to My Site?” then that is what it should be about. The visitor should be able to come to your site and gather information that the page title is about.

They should feel that it was worth clicking on your link as they are leaving they have learnt information on what they searched for.

So in this example after reading this page they should now have more knowledge on how to getting traffic to their site.

For a very new site, you will need to concentrate on using low competition words “words that are related to the main search word but are not searched for that often” that can help you to get placed higher on some search engines for that keyword and give you the much needed targeted traffic to your site.

This is called low hanging fruit as it is a lot easier to get indexed by the search engines for and is just one way to start the traffic being generated to your site.

If you have a site with several categories, doing at least one optimized post every few days will slowly but surely build your business and if you get this right the rewards can be swift.

By having more than one category this gives you an opportunity to be placed on the search engine with different categories as well and not just your front page. This is called inner page linking.

Another way to help you build targeted traffic and links to your site is to have another website or blog and have these linked to your site. If you update your site regularly and ‘ping’ your blog with one of the free pinging services.

It alerts the search engines to new content who will send the bots to your site to find out what the new content is about and you will gradually build up your traffic and business.

There are many sites that have free content such as  that you can use on your blog if you do not want to write the content yourself but you should really.

If you do use this material make sure you credit the author and you can also do this in a way where you curate the content of the article by adding some of your insights on the subject.

Once you’ve set up your website and found the right pinging services, doing this would only take you a short time a day to complete your content.

Again we can’t stress enough when using the free articles, be sure to obey proper etiquette, giving the author credit for his writing. This is a very quick and easy way on How Do I get Traffic to My Site?

A tried and tested way to get “free traffic” and links is articles. You can write about anything you want as long as it related to your sites topic or even about the marketing and products or services that your website sells.

If you’re not able to write the articles yourself, there are services available online that can do it for you but you will have to pay for this service.

But really it is a lot better if you can write them yourself as you can then optimize these articles for your keywords.

If you have never tried it how will you know if you can do it or not?

By the way it is better to focus the one article on one keyword with maybe a few related words but what ever you do:

You can also then post your article to as many directories as possible but make sure you have variations of the same article. Website owners are constantly on the lookout for good, new content for there sites, so your articles can be seen by more people.

The most important thing about the article apart from the content is the link that you will point back to your site and this is how you will gain more traffic to your site.

The number of links to your site is critical in your placement of your site with most search engines. Make sure these are good links and whatever you do not be tempted to buy links as this violates the terms and conditions of the search engines.

Having articles and a blog can certainly help build your site for targeted traffic.

Once the article is written it will carry on getting you traffic year after year as once it is published it is impossible to stop it being circulated as you have no control over it when other website owners publish that article on their site.

Well if we have got this right you should now feel that it was the right decision to have clicked on the website link because you have now learnt more information about “How Do I get Traffic to My Site?

P.S. If you do write articles for the directories make sure that yours on your site is unique to all the others.


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